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Space Planning

I R Designs  provides expert space planning services to optimize the functionality and flow of a given space. We analyze the available area and create layouts that maximize efficiency and create a harmonious environment.

Interior Design Consultation

I R Designs offers personalised consultations where clients can seek professional advice on interior design decisions. We would complete a survey of the space and from that produce technical drawings, starting with proposed general layouts - from there we can add more detail with use of elevations and presentation sheets. We provide recommendations on colour schemes, furniture selection, material choices, and overall aesthetics to help clients achieve their desired look and feel.

Concept Development and Visualization

I R Designs excels in developing unique design concepts tailored to each client's preferences. We create visual representations of the proposed designs using sketch and 3D renderings, mood boards, and sample boards, allowing clients to envision the final outcome.

Expert services for development and interior design.

Material Selection and Specification

I R Designs will assist clients in choosing the right materials, finishes, and fixtures for their projects. We have extensive knowledge of various materials, including flooring, wall coverings, cabinetry, countertops, and lighting, and can guide clients in selecting high-quality and aesthetically pleasing options.

Planning and Building Warrant applications

With experience working within an architects practice, we have gained great knowledge of Planning and Building Warrant applications. These are required when making changes to exterior or interior of a building. More complex alterations may also require input from specialist contractors / engineers, we have various contacts who can come together to prepare everything required for the planning/building warrant application process.

Lighting Design

I R Designs can produce in depth lighting schedules for your project. For a more specialist lighting environment (night club etc.) specialist would be advised - we can introduce various contacts who have worked with me on previous projects

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